The NEW Fighter Belt™ from Fighter Design™ is a combination of all our previous belt designs. We have seen a lot of belts, (and a lot of Cobra™ buckle belts imitating our design with weaker construction), and we consider this the best belt ever made. 



  • Real Mil-Spec Parachute Webbing.

  • Powder coated Cobra™ Buckle, machined alluminum. (Imported from Austria)

  • Zippered "SERE" compartment for cash, picks, keys, etc. 

  • Heavy duty parachute stitching on a class 7 machine. (Don't fall for a belt with a strong buckle and weak stitching. We see this a lot. Remember your belt is only as strong as your weakest link.)

  • Carabiner loop near the buckle.

  • Life Time Guarantee

  • Made in the USA

  • Risk free 120 day trial period w/ Fighter's Program: "TRY, BUY AND DECIDE"


Size Chart 


  • 28-32" S
  • 32-34" M
  • 36-38" L
  • 48-42" XL
  • 42-48" 2XL







*As with all our products, this belt is covered by our lifetime guarantee and offered with our 120 day risk free "test drive" trial period. 

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