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F.R.A.G. Fragment Resistant Artery Guard
Blast resistant Kevlar neck gaiter that is light, soft, and flexible. Suitable for all season use and provides significant kevlar blast protection. 
Silver impregnated for antimicrobial action.
- Antimicrobial Interlock
- Made with 95% Black Kevlar, 5% X-Static fabric
- Ballistic Performance - Stops fragments up to 600 fps
- Made in USA, Texas
- Lifetime Guarantee
- Made in the USA
- Risk free 120 day trial period w/ Fighter's Program: "BUY, TRY AND DECIDE" 
Reversible colors:
Black or Multicam™
*As with all our products, the F.R.A.G. Neck Gaiter is covered by our lifetime guarantee and offered with our 120 day risk free "drive test" trial period. 
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The ABSOLUTE BEST neck gaiter out there...

Brian L. on 31st May 2016

I had been lucky enough to have someone show me the Fighter Design FRAG neck gaiter several years ago during some LEO training. I was extremely impressed with the materials, the fit and finish and even the basic thought behind providing a blast/ballistic resistant barrier to such a vital (and largely overlooked) part of the body. I've been using one ever since as I've gone on to purchase several more, recommending them to team members and other LEOs along the way. I've even been lucky enough to have the crew at Fighter Design make some customized changes for a few FRAGs when I requested them and they were kind enough to accommodate my order with no problems. There are a lot of different options when it comes to neck gaiters and many of them don't do anything more than stretch and maybe provide some FR cover for your neck and face. Depending on your work and/or lifestyle, the FRAG might not be something you NEED, but for those who do, it is an exceptional product. It has exceeded all my expectations and the team at Fighter Design are top notch all the way. A 5 Star product which I couldn't be happier with. A fantastic product for the $$ too!