Fighter Design has been making high strength belts using parachute style construction for almost ten years. We're bringing out a new belt that features the best of all the bests we've ever made, in one belt. Cobra™ buckle with mismatched size buckles to fit through your belt loops, a stiffener to keep shape and support a holster, and a hidden zippered compartment that's hidden against your body near the buckle area. We feel strongly that this is the best belt we've ever made, and we're told by our first feedback from our R&D team;

"It's the best belt I've ever seen." -W.W. (TX)

"I always wanted the features of the SERE belt with the stiffener I need for a holster." -J.T. (TX)

"I think I found my EDC belt." -A.D. (MI)

"Done. Put it out there. It's perfect." N.C. (TX)