You don’t have to be a knot-tying salty-dog sailor, nor a master parachutist to secure your gear quickly with our 1,000 pound* Knotless Rope Kit, made from super strong Dacron cable. 
This isn’t the same-old 550 cord… we have an amazingly strong Dacron hollow cable that can be spliced into itself, doubling the strength and securing a loop around anything you need it for. It doesn't have internal strands, as it has super-strength from the outer weave. With a few wraps around, it's strong enough to pull a car or light truck!
The kit includes a master parachute rigger’s "fingertrapping” tool, used to splice suspension lines into themselves for a strong and seamless connection at the canopy. You can also easily undo the connection splice, or you can cut and melt it for a really permanent hold on anything… without the need remember 40 different knots from your Boy Scout days. 
We custom made these kits in the USA and throw several in our truck, and a few in our bug-out gear too. This stuff is strong as hell and really easy to use in all kinds of ways. There may have been a few of our new guys spliced to trees with it, but that’s just a nasty rumor.  
 * This stuff is Certified for up to 900 pounds, but we’ve seen it hold up to 1200 pounds.
 * Includes x1 Stainless splicing/sewing needle and 25' of Dacron Cable Cord.
Some of the things we’ve done with it:
  • General around the house/truck use:
    • Paracord stitching - bracelets or keychains
    • Daisy chain wrap to tow a truck - Yes, you can pull a car or light truck with it!
    • Motorcycle or truck tie-downs
    • Jeep soft top zipper pulls
    • Jacket zipper pulls
    • Improvised emergency restraints 
    • Dog leashes or temporary runs
  • Camping, Hunting:
    • Clothing or tent repair, make a bag from a towel, repair pants rip, bag repair
    • Secure gear to your backpack
    • Snare traps
    • Shelter - secure a tarp or blanket for shelter
    • Camping bear bag for food or trash
    • Fire bow and drill
  • Fishing and boating:
    • Tying down gear
    • Fish stringer
    • Dock line - a few wraps would be wise
  • Medical:
    • Splint construction
    • Improvised litter construction
So get a few for friends, family, and a few for your car, truck and bugout kit.  You'll really find dozens of uses for them!
Let us know what use the kit for, we’ll share your story here. 
*** Fine print: These are examples only, Fighter Design LLC holds no liability for any of the example uses here, especially towing vehicles. 


*As with all our products, the Sportman Needle is covered by our lifetime guarantee and offered with our 120 day risk free "drive test" trial period. 

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